Electrodes For Resistant Welding

Electrode caps

In our warehouse we have a wide range cap electrodes produced by LUVATA company. Electrodes are produced according to ISO 5821, DIN 44750 and other standards used in the automotive industry.

Female Spot Welding Electrode Caps ISO 5821  &  DIN 44750 standards

LUVATA’s Spot Welding Electrode Caps marking examples

Luvata welding electrode caps

We also offer electrode caps according to other standards automotive industry sector like:

P9 113 10 112
P9 113 10 20


Electrodes for spot and and projection welding

  • Straight electrodes with different weld tips with outside tapered or cylindrical shank
  • Swivel electrodes.
  • Bent electrodes with outside tapered shank.
  • Shaped electrodes with outside tapered shank
  • Shaped cap electrodes with inside taper.
  • Electrodes with insulated steel positioning element
  • Straight electrodes

Electrodes for projection nut welding

Electrodes for projection nut welding. This type of electrodes is made in three basic versions:

  • insulated to replace ceramic pins and use steel or brass pins
  • insulated and sliding sleeve to increase the lifespan of the electrodes
  • for ceramic pins, electrodes are used without insulation


Special electrodes with tungsten, molybdenum

Special welding electrodes made of tungsten, molybdenum, sintered WCu type used for welding high conductivity materials and other applications.

Seam welding (welding wheels)

Other products used for seam welding