METALCON was founded in 1990. Since the beginning, the company’s activity has been focused on the products make from copper and precipitation-hardened copper alloys used in many industries.

As a producer of resistance welding electrodes, holders and arms for welding machines, we are a long-term supplier to companies in the automotive, metal and energy industries.

We offer:

– Electrode caps.
– Electrodes used in the spot and projection welding process.
– Seam welding wheels used in seam welding process.
– Special electrodes made with tungsten, molybdenum or elkonite materials.
– Holders and arms for welding machine.
– Shunts and cables for resistance welding.
– Semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys.
– Machine components and energy equipment parts.
– Insulating parts, positioning pins and unusual details used in welding
– Parts made of aluminum and aluminum alloys.
– Fixture of a resistance welding machine.

We produce items based on the documentation or designs provided.

We produce documentation according to the delivered parts.

We offer professional advise to our Clients about different technical aspects e.g. selection of appropriate material and electrodes for a given application.

Since 2002, we have implemented a Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001 for the following scope:

Production of electric resistance welding electrodes and welders equipment
made of copper and age hardenable copper alloys.